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We design solutions that help keep you focused on achieving your goals, hopes, and dreams.

We Heart Our Users

Hate apps that do everything, but nothing well? Our tools are constantly being vetted by you, our customers. There is measured purpose in every action. Nothing is wasted.

Delightfully Yours

We want to make sure our products worthy of your time. We promise no socks and underwear under the tree this year. We live for making products that you'll enjoy and be productive.

Tools We Use Ourselves 

We design our software to be used on a daily basis.  This means if we don't like it, we know you wont. Trust that we have our best interests in mind.

Stuff We Make

We create products that enable entrepreneurs and creative people like yourself realize their vision

Lanky Living

Lifestyle Magazine for Tall People

Thought Drop

Ideas at the Speed of Thought

Quote Roper

Professional Estimates Y'all!

About Us

A short history of how it all began.

  • 2012-2014

    Work Shouldn't Be Work

    At some point in our lives, we come to the realization that what gets us out of bed in the morning better be somthing we're passionate about. With this in mind, two former colleagues formed Creative Ember!

  • March 2014

    Born Around Coffee

    Without an official office space, the two met weekly at a coffee shops during their non-working hours to discuss their progress from the previous week. Many product codenames revolve around coffee.

  • Early 2015

    Our First Product Launches

    In early 2015 we launched our first product. We cannot wait to hear what you think about Lanky Living!

  • Fall 2015

    Team Continues Development

    Development for Quote Roper begins to wrap up. The team feels good about the progress made and the variety of projects available.

  • Q1 2016

    Seeding The Product

    The beta is released and seeded to potential users (designers). Many feel it's something that is needed and is a great idea.

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    Of Our

The Team

Keeping the fire burning and providing a place to warm your hands since 2014.

Anthony Rezendes

Lead Designer / Founder

Justin Coleman

Chief Architect / Founder

Have an interesting idea, dabble in iOS development, or have comments on any of our applications? Feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to talk with you. As always, the first cup of coffee is on us.

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